Bridges vs Routers.

John M Wobus (
Fri, 18 Dec 1987 11:11:54 LCL

The subject of Bridges vs Routers is of definite interest to TCP-IP people,
but if we feel it is dominating this list too much, there is another
appropriate list: BIG-LAN, the list on campus-sized local-area networks.
See its blurb below.

John Wobus
Syracuse University



   This list is for the discussion of issues in designing and
   operating Campus-Size Local Area Networks, especially complex
   ones utilizing multiple technologies and supporting multiple
   protocols. Topics include repeaters, bridges, routers and
   gateways; how to incorporate smaller Personal-Computer type LANs
   into the campus-wide LAN; how to unify the mail systems, etc.
   This is an ideal list in which to debate the relative merits of
   bridges vs routers.

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   questions, etc., should be sent to BIG-REQ@SUVM.ACS.SYR.EDU (Internet)
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   can subscribe with LISTSERV@SUVM.ACS.SYR.EDU (Internet) or
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