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Thu Dec 17 22:58:23 1987

Comer's new book is entitled "Internetworking With TCP/IP: Principles,
Protocols, and Architecture", to be published by Prentice-Hall. It's not
published yet.

Another series of books that may be useful is "Handbook of
Computer-Communications Standards". There are three volumes published
separately by MacMillan. As far as I know, only the first volume is
actually in print. The others are "Real Soon Now".
Volume 1: The OSI Model and OSI-Related Standards
Volume 2: Local Networks Standards
Volume 3: The Department of Defense (DoD) Standards
The author/editor of these three volumes is William Stallings.

[I am told that the (take a deep breath) Library of Computer and Information
Science Book Club (whew!) will be offering these 3 books both together
and separately in their February mailing. I joined this club some years
ago and have gotten some very good books from it cheaper than retail (even
if you add in shipping). This book club is run by MacMillan. If you're
interested, let me know, because I can get freebies (and so can you) when
you join. This was not meant to be a commercial, but just to tell you how
to get good books without paying an arm & leg.]

Stallings also has written (among other books) "Data and Computer
Communications", also published by MacMillan. The 2nd edition has just
hit the streets, so don't buy the 1st edition unless you want/have to.
This book is considered by MacMillan to be a college text rather than a
"commercial" book, so try college book stores first. MacMillan will not
let individuals order this book, only bookstores. A source in Chicago is

Hope this informations helps those looking for TCP/IP books. Does anyone
have a list of other books that might be of interest?

Dave Madsen ---dcm

ihnp4!vijit!madsen or vijit!

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