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In article <4994@elroy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov> david@elroy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (David Robinson) writes:
>I frequently hear that TCP/IP is too slow of a protocol. I have seen
>good ethernet boards on a Sun push packets as fast as 5Mbps and claims
>of Crays pushing > 10Mbps on hyperchannels.
>To increase TCP/IP performance has anyone looked into making an IP
>protocol chip or chipset?
  I don't know about IP, but several protocols have been put into
modem controllers. One I know of in some detail is MNP, an combined
sync/async facility with Network, Host-host and Applications layers
(ie, it fits the ARM). It explicitly does **not** consider routing
or network management, as it is restricted to running on a
circuit-switched line.
  Another is the telebit "UUCP emulation" facility in their
high-speed modems.

>... Would this be practical to do given
>the complexity of IP? IP on a chip would also be interesting from
>a routing point of view.
  Neither of the above runs on an unprogrammable chip: even the
chip-level MNP being developed by two people on this net has a z80
as part of the silicon.
  If one restricts the chipset to doing what it is good at and
passing the administrivia off to a large host to do what **it** is
good at, you have a viable project. Deciding exactly what to put on
the chip is a design/marketing (ie $) issue.

>Any comments on the idea and potential problems that I may not
>have thought of?
> David Robinson elroy! ARPA
> {cit-vax,ames}!elroy!david UUCP

  I think its a **good** idea. I also think it can be done

--dave (It's almost an old idea...) c-b

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