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16 Dec 87 12:20:01 GMT

Having spoken with PAC-COMM on this subject, I have bad news for you.
Because the 220 is not a TNC-1 or TNC-2 clone but a complete redesign
by PAC-COMM the existing KISS PROMs won't work and no one that PAC-COMM
is aware of has written KISS for the 220 specificly.

I know it is hardly comforting but the best solution I can think of is
to purchase another TNC for just running KISS and TCP-IP. Again PAC-COMM
has a new product called the TINY-2 which is a reduced size TNC-2 imitator.
It does use the normal TNC-2 PROM so you can put in one of the existing
KISS implementations.

Good luck.

P.S. If anyone can prove me wrong please do as I have a TNC220 also and
would love to be able to run KISS in it as well as my KANTRONICS!!!


bill gunshannon

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