Re: Timewarps, virtual-cirkosis and other twitches

Phil R. Karn (
17 Dec 87 01:27:42 GMT

The solution to the problems Dave describes seems awfully obvious:

                                JUNK X.25!!

Valuable computer networking people like Dave Mills have enough
important problems to solve without wasting time on artificial ones like
limits on the number of virtual circuits a network interface will
support. When we (Bellcore) came up on the ARPANET, we had a choice
between X.25 and 1822/HDH. I chose the latter and I've never had cause
to regret it.

If people had X.25 DTEs that they REALLY have to have communicate
through the ARPANET, this should have been done with separate end-to-end
boxes that encapsulate X.25 inside 1822 messages. The decision to
inflict X.25 on the rest of us innocent Internetters is still utterly
incomprehensible to me.


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