missing nets between Europe and U.S.

Mike Brescia (brescia@PARK-STREET.BBN.COM)
Wed, 16 Dec 87 21:48:44 -0500

Especially to Bassen in Norway, Bruce in U.K., others who reported missing
paths across the 'pond'.

One of the two gateways on SATNET in the U.S. had not been updated in the
software release, so that it was not sending full EGP updates (complete with
fragmentation of 1200 bytes into 252 byte pieces). A test on Tuesday showed
that of about 150 class B nets known to be reachable, the UCL gateway in the
U.K. complained that it would not route to 140 of them. The CSS gateway was
finally updated about noon EST today, and after that, only 7 of the class b
nets were unreachable from the UCL gateway point of view.

While this seems to fix one problem, it fails to explain why the second
gateway at DCEC, already running the latest release, did not provide the
routing information expected.

There have been other reports of missing net paths; please check and report
again if you find routes you cannot reach for a long time. Be specific about
what host addresses are involved, and prove that the hosts and all intervening
gateways are up.

I have a chart of 350 by 350 nets, and await your data so that I can fill in
all 122500 points with whether you can reach one another or not. (:-)/2


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