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In article <}, (Mark A. Verber) writes:
} Doug Comer's book is already out. It's title is Operating System
} Design Volume II: Internetworking with Xinu. In my opinion it is the
} best book for someone to learn about the TCP/IP protocol suite from
} the ground up. Doug has once again put out a book which is highly
} readable. This book is also the reference manual for Xinu volume 7
} which is running on Sun3, Macs, and Vaxen.
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Well, a few corrections are in order: First, although Doug does
have out Volume II of the Xinu series, he is also bringing out
a new book (it went to the typesetter's today!) which is titled
"Internetworking With TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols, and
Architecture". I agree with Mark that Doug has a way of writing
easily understandable books, without seeming patronizing.

Also, version 7 Xinu isn't quite ready for the Sun-3...we are,
however, shipping version 6 for the Sun-3. (Version 7 is
availabe for Macs and Vaxen, plus PDP-11) Sun-3 Version 7 should be
out around the end of January, since the slaves, er, grad students
working on Xinu these days are Shawn Ostermann and myself, and
we're involved taking nasty ol' qualifying exams.

Always plugging the boss's stuff...

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