Host as gateway - some advice needed on naming

Brian Kantor (
16 Dec 87 01:56:10 GMT

This is perhaps not the right mailing-list/newsgroup to ask, but I can't
find a better one, so be tolerant please. I'm stumped:

UCSD has a connection to the MILNET, currently through ''
at Sdcsvax is also on our local ethernet as

We are interested in the possibility of moving the interface electronics
into another system to reduce the load on sdcsvax so that the
researchers on there can have more cycles with which to do their
research thing.

We would probably move the interface to another system that would also
be used to handle a lot of mail traffic, rather than something like a
router that won't have any users or locally-originated traffic. I.e.,
it will be more than an IP switch.

>From our standpoint, naming the system 'UCSD.UCSD.EDU' is "a good thing",
and that's the name we'd assign the new system at its ethernet interface
and IP address on the local net.

Ok, so what's the question: Would it be "a good thing" to also name the
MILNET interface the same, or looking towards the future, would it make
more sense to name the MILNET interface something like UCSD-GW.UCSD.EDU?

I see some problems, in that packets bearing the MILNET address would
have a different official hostname when translated back from their IP
address, even though they originated on the same machine. Yet the
advantage of not having to go through all the DDN paperwork to change
the hostname when we next reorganize the local network is attractive.

Oh yes, all this is on 4.3BSD systems currently, if that makes any real

What do you think I should do?

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