rooting around down in the x.25

15 Dec 87 17:12:00 EST


Unfortunately we don't have the equipment to "get down" and muck around
at the x.25 levels. Your questions will have to be answered by the
implementers of the x.25 code that we run, Messrs. Melohn and Nowicki of Sun.

It occurs to me that somehow, BBN must learn to work more closely with
the researchers and vendors that use the facilities that the government
is paying for. Somehow, BBN should provide more information on how its
interfaces function, and what to expect from them. Two recent examples of
misunderstanding come to mind. One is Bill Melohn's comment that he is
now receiving x.25 control messages from the PSN that have never been seen
before, and that his code is unprepared for. The other example is the comment
made by Mike Karels that BSD unix makes use of the PSN going down time
messages sent to him on 1822 (??). The BBN spokesperson with whom he was
speaking indicated that the time values are not to be trusted, and
probably shouldn't be used for anything usefull. I cannot claim to be
knowledgable on these subjects, but they do seem to indicate that the
(very) responsible people involved in interfacing a large portion of all
machines used to connect to the DDN have not been provided with all the
information that BBN could make available. If the government (and ultimately
us, the taxpayers) are going to get our moneys worth out of all of this
investment in equipment, trunking, and labor, it would seem that we must
start to provide avenues of meaningfull technical exchange between the
parties on each end of the PSN access circuits. It seems rediculous to
waste engineering time "guessing" at how to engineer ones interface to
the PSN.

Best wishes,
Bob Enger

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