Subnetting questions

Jeremy G Harris (mcvax!ukc!stl!stc!root44!
11 Dec 87 10:25:23 GMT

A whole bunch of questions:

Does anybody run multiple subnets on a single Ethernet?

    If so, do you use subnet broadcasts or net broadcasts?
    Do you find it worthwhile to use ethernet multicast for
    subnet broadcasts? How do you assign the multicast addresses?
    For what purposes do you still use net broadcast?

    Should redirects be provided by an inter-subnet gateway,
    when both subnets are on the same Ethernet?

What are the semantics of 'ICMP redirect to net' in a subnettted environment?

Does anybody run multiple classes of subnet on a single net?

    Does the mechanism proposed in rfc950 ( ICMP broadcasts to
    discover the subnet mask ) still work? Do you use it?

Thanks for your time

Jeremy Harris

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