Gareth Howell (mcvax!ukc!stc!idec!
1 Dec 87 09:05:59 GMT

I have a Pacomm TNC220 on which I want to run KISS and thence the KA9Q
tcp/ip package. Unfortunately I don't have a KISS for the TNC.
Can anybody help. I would prefer the co-resident bootstrap with a
downloaded KISS module if possible.
ta Gareth

Gareth Howell  <>	 G6KVK @ IO91VX
ICL NS PNBC, England, SG1 1YB	 Tel:+44 (0)438	738294
howellg%idec%ukc@mcvax.uucp, mcvax!ukc!idec!
G6KVK @	G4SPV (uk packet 144.650MHz)

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