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David C. White (tektronix!gvgpsa!davew@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
13 Dec 87 08:01:09 GMT

In article <8712110937.AA06638@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> TS0400@OHSTVMA.BITNET (Bob Dixon) writes:
>We are using Proteon routers with tcp/ip and decnet today, and very

We are using the Vitalink T1 type bridges, because we have several
sites scattered around the Grass Valley/Nevada City area, and we are
using TCP/IP, DECnet, XNS, 3Com, and some strange TCP/IP stuff
occasionally output by our Cadnetix workstations and everthing passes
transparently through the Vitalinks with no problems. We also have a
DEC Lanbridge stuck in between two of of networks and it seems to be
able to pass all of the above protocols also.

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