Re: beginners guide to ... ?

Gurudatta Parulkar (parulkar@UDEL.EDU)
Mon, 14 Dec 87 10:19:50 -0500

                        (plug, plug, plug)
> Doug Comer ("Xinu", et al) is writing a book about Internetworking,
> pretty much outside of the context of an operating system, though he
> does talk briefly about 4.3BSD (sockets and utilites). The book
> is fairly exhaustive, and seems to be a timely replacement for
> the Tanenbaum book (is it still being printed with NCP references?).

I believe Tanenbaum's book's Second edition is also coming out very
soon. Of course, it wouldn't have as much on ARPA internet as Comer's
book. (As per the local Prentice Hall Representative)

-guru parulkar

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