How to set up lpd with CMU IP/ACP

Jacob Gore (ihnp4!chinet!nucsrl!gore@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
8 Dec 87 02:45:43 GMT

(Is there a better place than this newsgroup (or mailing list) to discuss the
CMU implementation of TCP/IP for VMS?)

I am trying to install the lpd server and symbiont that was distributed with
CMU's IP/ACP(V6.2) (TCP/IP for VAX/VMS), but I can find no instructions on how
to do it, and my intuition didn't get me far. Could somebody who has done it
give me some instructions (or at least hints)?


Jacob Gore gore@EECS.NWU.Edu
Northwestern Univ., EECS Dept. {gargoyle,ihnp4,chinet}!nucsrl!gore

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