KA9Q TCP/IP on VMS 4.2

Mark Holt (hadron!inco!holt@UUNET.UU.NET)
Friday, 11 December 1987 06:24-MST

[In answer to Mark Eggers' questions]

> Could you send me more information ??

> What language,

> how much CPU does it use (on average),
I haven't checked into this yet. We're running under VMS 4.2 and
it run as one *big* task. CPU cycles aren't a big deal, memory
might be on some systems.

> can you run DECnet at the
> same time ?
Yes, DECnet, ARP, and IP each have unique Ethernet protocol types.

> More importantly, can you either give me a list of mods or
> make the code available ?
Eventually, I plan to send the changes to Bdale Garbee at
winfree.n3eua.ampr. I still have some work to do, though.

> We are just starting out with our campus TCP/IP network, and
> the Ultrix - DECnet gateway running on a microVAX has some
> problems with ACCESS/MVS running on an IBM 3033. Running
> your code on the VAXes would sure make life simpler.
As noted above, we're using VMS, and my changes to the KA9Q package
were *very* VMS specific, so I'm not sure we can help.

> Thanks
> for any information,
You are welcome.

> Mark Eggers, Network Communications Analyst
> Computing Center, University of Notre Dame

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