micro-vax with more than one ether-net board?

Lee Oattes (mnetor!utgpu!oattes@uunet.uu.net)
10 Dec 87 19:15:45 GMT

I am interested in knowing whether any one out there has had experience
in connecting more than two ethernet boards to a micro-vax (Q-bus)
running Ultrix 2.0. The application is to use such micro-vaxen as
gateways between many ether(sub)nets (ie. more than two!). As it is
now, we can only use each micro-vax as the gateway between two ether
networks and it would definitely be nice to have more capability to
handle more ether networks without having to purchase more micro
vaxes! The standard deqna boards have switches for only two csr
addresses, though the device driver will allow more than two. Is there
any trick to get around this? It seems a little silly to allow only two
deqna boards (?).

An alternative would be to install another type of ethernet board with
its own driver. Does any one know of any such products? We have considered
the Interlan NI2010 board, but Interlan only supports device drivers for
the multibus. Has anyone developed an Ultrix device driver for the Q-bus
for this board?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Lee Oattes, University of Toronto Computing Services, CTS.
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