Dennis Thomas (tektronix!dennist@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
10 Dec 87 16:22:18 GMT

        I am interested in contacting or receiving input from any one
that has experience in using AT&T's ISN product in a networking environment.
The environment to be considered is a single communications link, connected
by 2 ISN's concentrating Ethernet (TCP/IP, DECNET, LAT), IBM 3274, IBM 3270
and DECNET synchronous traffic.

        Some of the concerns relate to the effect of file transfer
rates for TCP/IP and DECNET when the other traffic is active. Since
the ISN moves data in small packets (180bits) with an 8.64 Mb transmit and
receive bus, it would seem that large TCP/IP or DECNET packets (file transfer)
would suffer at the expense of terminal activity.

        Thank you in advance for your input.

Dennis Thomas
Tektronix, Inc.
(503) 627-5030

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