Eric S. Johnso n (!
9 Dec 87 06:31:12 GMT

I noticed what may be the same problem. For a period of at least days
at the end of November, I could FTP to SRI-NIC.ARPA at its
address, but not at its address (I got "Network Unreachable").
I just tried it and both address are working now.

Mark Bodenstein (
Cornell University
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During the recent ARPANET testing (12-5 to 12-13) I have noticed
strange behavior in the internet.

We are a SURANET/NSF net site here and during the testing, I find
I am not able to connect to many hosts that are within LAN's that
are gatewayed on to the ARPANET proper. Yet I am able to make connections
with hosts actually on the ARPANET.

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