Re: micro-vax with more than one ether-net board?

Mike Karels (karels%okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
Sat, 12 Dec 87 13:03:45 PST

We are using a Microvax II with 5 ethernet interfaces and a DMV-11 56 kbaud
serial interface as a gateway. It's running 4.3BSD, not Ultrix. (I would
strongly recommend the use of 4.3; Ultrix IP code is based on the 4.3 alpha
release from July 1985, and the IP forwarding and option handling and ICMP
received a lot of work after that time.) Our configuration includes
two DEQNA ethernet interfaces and three Excelan interfaces; we're obviously
using the "world box" BA123 cabinet, as the BA23 doesn't have nearly enough
power for all of this. Use of more than two DEQNA's would require modification
of the board, and is clearly not worth considering. (I suspect that the
limitation is due to the FCC radiation limits already mentioned.) In addition
to the Excelan and DEQNA interfaces, 4.3 includes drivers for Interlan
NI1010 and NP100 UNIBUS interfaces; at least the latter has a compatible
Q-bus interface. (I doubt that there are Q-bus controllers that are compatible
with the 3Com or DEUNA/DELUA UNIBUS interfaces, although we have drivers for
those, too.)

Our Microvax gateway has been very reliable; it recently went down when
a hardware tech was rearranging cables after 126 days up.


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