Re: Latest KA9Q TCP/IP for MSDOS now available from SIMTEL20

Bill Gunshannon (pyramid!prls!philabs!trotter!
11 Dec 87 13:14:07 GMT

In article <In article <4063@b-tech.UUCP>, In article <4063@b-tech.UUCP>, zeeff@b-tech.UUCP (Jon Zeeff) writes:
> Is this the version that includes support for running as a single task under
> Unix? If not, what is the status of that version (I heard is was almost
> done months ago).

The latest word on the next release of KA9Q's TCP/IP is to look for it
in your Christmas stocking.
As there appears to be a lot of interest any more I will post a message
as soon as it becomes available if noone beats me to it. I check on it
just about every day. The UNIX support is supposed to be for SYS V but
I will be converting that over to Version 7 and probbly XENIX (SYS III)
as soon as I lay my hands on it as those are what I run.

bill gunshannon

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