Re: Vitalink Bridges..

Chris VandenBerg (chris@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA)
Fri, 11 Dec 87 20:03:29 PST

In response to Percy Irani and his obvious disgust for MAC-level bridges I
would just like to emphasize(as I do to potential Customers when I talk to
them) that bridges are not THE solution for every problem. But they certainly
DO have their uses and to deny that is a blatant system adminstration power
play. I would like to believe that an approach different from Percy's is not
"ignorant" but just that, different! Not all network managers want to open
each day with a careful scrutinization of the routing tables(how shall we route
traffic TODAY?). Many just want to plug it in and forget it(at least at the
LAN level. Bridging to the great, big world is another issue entirely...).
Many customers must feel this way because ACC and others are selling LOTS of
MAC-level bridges.
I think most people would agree the BROUTER question may not be resolved for
quite a while.
                It's all clear as mud to me...
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