Ritchey Ruff (orstcs!
10 Dec 87 21:35:25 GMT

We are having the same problem here - before the new protocall went
into testing and could
talk directly to each other, now they can't (it's actually intermitent
but I have not been keeping that close a track of when the new
protocall is in/out). I can do a
now and see uwchem, but directly to uwchem, which use to work ALL
the time, works less and less (and has not worked for the last week
that I know of).

Is this a problem with the new protocall ???

--ritchey ruff -or-
"It's against my programming -or-
 to impersonate a deity" --C3PO { hp-pcd | tektronix }!orstcs!ruffwork

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