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Thu, 10 Dec 87 13:44:31 MST

In article <19509@amdcad.AMD.COM>, percy@amdcad.AMD.COM (Percy Irani) writes:
> We have a Vitalink sales guy trying to sell Vitalink Bridges to our
> Company. We primarily have TCP/IP hosts on the net. We also have
> some DECNET hosts.
> What is attractive to some people (Sigh!) is that the Vitalink's will
> be able to do protocol independant connections. I guess we can beat
> the Vitalinks iff there is a router that does both IP and DECNET.
> ------------------------------------------

There are at least two, cisco and Proteon.

However the real advantage of level two bridges like the Vitalink is
that they let you also run ISO, XNS, Ethertalk, Novell and what have
you with no further modification. Given the dynamic state of protocols
today this is a big advantage. For example, the low level protocols
of DECnet will change drastically next year. Proteon and cisco may
or may not keep up, but a level two bridge won't even notice.

Cheers -- Walt Haas arpa: uucp: ...utah-cs!haas

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