Current State of Network Management

Craig Partridge (craig@NNSC.NSF.NET)
Thu, 10 Dec 87 14:39:24 -0500

I got a couple of inquiries today from people who mis-interpreted Lee's
note to suggest that all network management activities are being
coordinated through him. That's not what the note was intended to

Regretfully, network management work is still a multi-headed beast.
Here's a short Who's Who:

    NETMAN (Network Management) Working Group of the IETF. Chaired
    by Lee LaBarre. As Lee's note indicated, they are working on
    fashioning their own network management proposal, based in part
    on work done by the HEMS group. Contact Lee (
    for information.

    GWMON (Gateway Management) Working Group of the IETF. Chaired
    by me, and the source of the High-Level Entity Management System
    (HEMS) proposal, documented in RFC1021-1024 and recently implemented.
    Operates the GWMON mailing list, which is the mailing list for
    all general interest announcements/correspondence on network
    management. Mail to to join.

    SGMP (Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol). Affiliated with the
    IETF but not a working group (for odd historical reasons).
    Documented in RFC 1028 (which I believe has not yet been released).
    Several test implementations exist. I believe most SGMP announcements
    appear on GWMON, although there is a separate mailing list for
    SGMP implementors.

There are also activities attempted to build applications or protocols
that work at a higher level that these protocols (which primarily address
the problem of data extraction). These activities include:

    The Network Computing Forum (NCF) is trying to develop higher level
    management applications/protocols. This is being led by Terry
    Hardgraves (pardon any mis-spelling, his business card is in
    my briefcase at home) of the Software Productivity Consortium.

    ANM (Automated Network Management), a project at BBN Laboratories
    which uses a distributed database system and AI tools to effect
    network management. Contact Jil Westcott,, for
    more information.

    An IETF working group led by Jeff Case (one of the SGMP authors).

I hope this all helps.


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