Re: Vitalink Bridges..

Ron Natalie (
Thu, 10 Dec 87 13:55:14 EST

Yes, we've encountered meltdowns and broadcast storms across bridges.
Watch for Chuck Hedrick and Len Bosack's article on such network phenomena
in an upcoming IEEE Network Magazine.

We do run IP and DECNET through our CISCO routers. I don't know if CISCO
has made it a product yet (although it is likely that they will). Also
Proteon, I believe, has already marketed the product. Noel's code has
always been aimed at multiple protocol support (originally IP/CHAOS).

As a slight bit of humor, when hooking up my sun, I managed to crash every
VMS machine at Rutgers (including two in NEWARK that were 20 miles away)
because all the VMS machines (being primarily DECNET speakers) were on the
data link repeated parts of the Rutgers net.


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