Re: Ethers, Copper, Fiber, Microwaves, Etc.

Thu, 10 Dec 87 13:10:03 EST

> Now this is something new to me. If you can put them in a
>briefcase they must be around 100GHz. That would probably limit the
>range to a mile or so. The problem with infrared laser technology is
>the atmospheric attenuation of smog, fog, and rain. Sounds like this
>new ultra-high freq microwave fills the gap between low freq uwave and

        In the ham radio community for several years there have been
devices called Gunnplexers available (I don't know if that's a brand
name or a generic name) which are a 10 GHz microwave system for about
$200. When they first showed up there were several articles in ham
radio magazines descibing how to send video through them, so 10 Mb/sec
is probably not too far out of line. Except for maybe the feedhorn
(or the dish itself) it would easily fit into a briefcase. The range
is limited but I think to line of sight rather than 1 mile.
                                                Dave Bridgham

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