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9 Dec 87 06:31:12 GMT

Forgive me if this question is obvious, but Im not very knowledgable
about routeing issues.

During the recent ARPANET testing (12-5 to 12-13) I have noticed
strange behavior in the internet.

We are a SURANET/NSF net site here and during the testing, I find
I am not able to connect to many hosts that are within LAN's that
are gatewayed on to the ARPANET proper. Yet I am able to make connections
with hosts actually on the ARPANET. For example, some mail has been
sitting in our mailq here waiting to be delivered to
No connection can be made to that machine, but a connection can be made
to and I know violet is up
becuase a finger happily
lists the users.

This is only one example; many other sites that are gatewayed
via a 10.*.*.* are not reachable directly, but via finger @via a 10.*.*.* are not reachable directly, but via finger @host@arpahost
I am able to confirm that the host is up and running.

It seems to me (and my armchair tests) that some routeing information
is getting lost somewhere.

Everything was fine, and I none of these problems, before last
saturday (12-5). Also, I have no problem reaching other
NSFnet sites.

Would someone care to fill me in on the details. Is this problem seen
from only our LAN here? Have others noted this kind of problem?
Is it limited to NSFnet or SURAnet?

Thanks for any enlightenment.

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