LAN Presentation and Security Packages

10 Dec 1987 07:52:15 CST


        The Standard Systems Center (AFCC) is preparing an Air Force wide
acquisition of LAN Presentation Software (ULANA Compatible) and PC (8088,
80286, and 80386) Security Hardware/Software. The Equipment Performance
Specification is available for FTP on the Gunter-Adam. The account name
is LAN-EPS and the password is the same.

        Comments may be addressed to Comments may be addressed to LAN-EPS@GUNTER-ADAM.ARPA. If you
have comments that you do not wish to share with other vendors, address
them to them to LINK@GUNTER-ADAM.ARPA.

        Remember, this is an informal medium, and the Standard Systems
Center will NOT be held accountable for the disposition of the comments
received. This is provided as a courtesy to the vendor community and
provides them a chance to point out any glaring errs we may have made.

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 Link N. Verstegen Link@Gunter-ADAM.ARPA
 Computer Systems/Network Engineer
 HQ SSC/PRS (205)279-5151
 Gunter AFS, AL 36114-6343 AV 446-5151


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