NETMAN meeting at TCP/IP Interoperability Conference

Tue, 08 Dec 87 10:41:24 EST

        Members of the IETF Network Management committee met at the TCP/IP
Interoperability Conference in Washington on Dec. 1. The following decisions
were made to progress the development of network management for TCP/IP.


        O Develop an RFC for using CMIP/RO on TCP/UDP transport.
          (Presentation and Session layers will not be used.)

        O Clarify the Management Services document and document the
          differences between its services and those provided by HEMS.

        O Provide the above documents to the HEMS developers.

        O Reexamine the use of CMIP/RO or HEMS at the end of February 1988.

     TCP/IP Management Information

        O Review the HEMS RFC and ANSI X3S3 on transport/network layer
          management information.

        O Work with HEMS developers to create separate RFCs for TCP and IP

     802.2, 802.3, 802.4, and X.25 Management Information

        O Using as input MAP/TOP and IEEE network management documents,
          develop RFCs for each layer.

     Structure of Management Information

        O Using as input ISO, HEMS, MAP/TOP and IEEE documents develop an RFC
          defining the structure of management information.

        We welcome assistance in developing these RFCs -- especially those
related to specification of management information and its structure. People
wishing to participate may contact:

        Lee LaBarre
        The MITRE Corp.
        Burlington Road
        Bedford, MA 01730
        (617) 271 8507

        Again, we welcome your assistance in this endeavor.

        Lee LaBarre

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