Vitalink Bridges..

Percy Irani (amdcad!percy@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
9 Dec 87 22:22:58 GMT

We have a Vitalink sales guy trying to sell Vitalink Bridges to our
Company. We primarily have TCP/IP hosts on the net. We also have
some DECNET hosts.

What is attractive to some people (Sigh!) is that the Vitalink's will
be able to do protocol independant connections. I guess we can beat
the Vitalinks iff there is a router that does both IP and DECNET.


Also, the Vitalink sales and tech support (I beleive the sales guy
talked to them) do **NOT** understand the problem of "Ethernet
Meltdown". Has *anyone*, yes anyone, encountered this problem
using bridges?

Also, to be specific, has anyone, encountered this problem using
Vitalink boxes? (DEC sells Vitalinks too!!).

(Come on some one from DEC can shed light on that!!).

Besides, our friends do not understand the advantages of alternat
routing (routed type), support of triangles in a net instead of
spanning trees.......


Ignorance is bliss but can be embarassing at times!

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