smtp on Unix (sun) machines

9 Dec 87 14:42:29 PST (Wednesday)

According to the BNF's on RFCs 822 & 821 in its reference to qstrings (quoted
text on user names of the form text on user names of the form user@host), you can have any of the 128 ASCII
chars (except for CR, LF, ", \, unless preceded by \) on the user name as long
as it is enclosed between double quotes (") chars.

I found that on the Sun implementation, even after modifying one of the Mailer
Flags (removed 's) in the, so that the mailer passes the strings
without removing the quotes, it still manages to find the Spaces n the text and
procedes to separate the user name.

Esentially I'm interesting in passing along user names of the form "xx:xx
Are there any known workarounds or modifications to the on Sun
machines, or for that matter in the any of the BSD Unix machines?

thanks for you suggestions

** julio

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