Routers vs. Bridges

Wed, 09 Dec 87 16:18:40 IST

I know this has been covered once before but I am preparing a paper
on the benefits of routers over bridges and bridges over routers.

Specifically, there are routers today that handle multiple protocols
(cisco and proteon to name two) and there are bridges that are starting
to handle alternate routing and allow the construction of a closed
network loop.

What I would like to receive (please reply directly to me and not to
the list) are examples and explanations of what a router can do at level
3 that a bridge just cannot handle. And why is it so important to be
able to do it.

When I have finished creating my document I will post it to the this list.
If you have any articles or papers you would like to send to me on the
subject, please send them to:

Henry Nussbacher
Computer Center
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv


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