re: IP protocol on a chip(s)

Howard Weiss (hsw@TYCHO.ARPA)
9 Dec 1987 0915-EST

There was a TCP/IP 40-pin chip implementation built back in 1983 by
a company called Quanta Microtique. I actually still have the
data sheets on the chip (called the QM10 - Advanced Communications
Controller). Steve Holmgren developed the chip and ran the company -
he now runs CMC in Santa Barbara, Ca.

The "General Description" of the chip (from the QM-10 literature) says:
   "The QM10 is an LSI circuit designed to support virtual connection and
    packet functions previoulsy found in larger digital communications
    processors. A 40-pin, dual inline form factor makes integration into
    existing hardware straightforward."

The "Device Characteristics" were listed as:
        * DoD Standard TCP connection protocol firmware.
        * DoD Standard IP packet protocol firmware.
        * Single Connection per device.
        * IP address filtering for ganged device configurations.
        * Flexible shared memory user interface.
        * Configurable network interfaces.
                - Onboard UART configuration.
                - Outborrad USART configuration.
                - Outboard shared memory network interface.
        * Single +5 volt power supply
        * 12mW stand-by power for connection state retention.
        * Standard 40-pin package.

Howard Weiss

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