Re: ISDN Specs Wanted

Alex McKenzie (mckenzie@LABS-N.BBN.COM)
Mon, 7 Dec 87 8:21:45 EST

I suggest that you contact

   Omnicom, Inc.
   501 Church Street
   Suite 304
   Vienna, VA 22180
   phone: 703/281-1135
   fax: 703/281-1505
   telex: 279678 OMNI UR

Tell them you want ISDN info and ask what they have. The currently-official
version is contained in the CCITT "Red Book", Volume III, Fascile III.5. This
was adopted in 1984. There are undoubtedly also newer versions which are
expected to be adopted in 1988, but I don't know what is available. However,
the Omnicom people are quite likely to know.

By the way, Omnicon is required by CCITT to charge the "official" price for
"official" documents - they are likely to seem expensive.

Alex McKenzie

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