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Tait Cyrus (hi!
6 Dec 87 04:17:14 GMT

The University of New Mexico will shortly be attached to the Internet
via NSFnet. What versions of UN*X are best when it comes to networking?

I have heard that Ultrix 2.2 is VERY bad when it comes to handling the
Internet protocols (routing protocols for example) correctly and that
it won't handle them correctly until around release 2.4. I have heard
that BSD 4.3 DOES handle the Internet protocols correctly. Since one
of the reasons that we are even considering Ultrix is because of NFS,
Mt. Zinu (sp?) BSD 4.3 would be another viable choice. Our CS department
is going with Mt. Zinu and REALLY like the support that they are getting
are REALLY like the op sys.

What I am looking for are some 'responses' from you good folks
out there (is it getting too thick? :-) that I can use in convincing
the administrative types here which release to go to. Which op sys's
are best, which have problems, which don't, etc.....

Oh, the machines in questions are microvax II's (currently running
BSD 4.3). We also have a lot of SUN's running SUNos 3.4, Bridge
Inc. Terminal servers, and DEC LAN 100 bridges isolating us (the
ECE department) from the rest of the UNM backbone.

I hope my question is clear enough, though any answers don't necessarly
have to be clear (I can translate, I hope, for the admin types).

Thanks in advance.

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