Re: Can I print on a terminal server port

Jerry Aguirre (oliveb!
3 Dec 87 23:08:51 GMT

From: Andy Linton <>

We are currently doing what you want using Encore Annexes attached to an
Encore Multimax. Special case you might say but the same thing can be done
from a Vax or whatever. Robert Claeson <seismo!enea!pvab!robert> has written
some code to do it. He says that Encore will possibly make it available with
the next release of the Annex UX software. I include it for your info.

The Annex is a nice box and cheap!
[Contact Andy for the code. JA]

From: ll-xn!

What kind of terminal server? Encore UMAX lpd can drive printers attatched to Annex printer and terminal ports. They also distribute diffs for you to modify your lpd.

Phil Budne Boston University


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