BITNET-Internet gateway changes

Wed, 02 Dec 87 11:34:00 EST

As has been announced in a number of places, the Internet <-> BITNET
gateway at WISCVM (WISCVM.WISC.EDU) is going away. The final date
for using that gateway is Dec 15, 1987.

BITNET has been working with the Internet administration to provide a
set of multiple regional gateways between the two networks. Until that
time when a suitable technical solution is developed, an interim
solution has been put in place, effective immediately.

>From the BITNET side, mail should be sent to >From the BITNET side, mail should be sent to SMTP@INTERBIT. The node
is currently in the tables distributed by BITNIC, and now points
towards CUNYVM. At a later date, this will point to the appropriate
regional gateway. The distributed DOMAIN NAMES file is being updated
to point at to point at SMTP@INTERBIT instead of to point at SMTP@INTERBIT instead of SMTP@WISCVM. The updated file
will be distributed as the normal distribution on Monday, Dec 7.
All sites, especially those other than end nodes, should ensure
that the latest tables are installed.

For those on the Internet side, the first of the gateways is at
CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU (CUNYVM on the BITNET side). Any mail formerly
sent to user%node.BITNET@WISCVM.WISC.EDU should now be sent to
user%node.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU. This is an interim solution
until the full set of gateways is in place. At that time, notice
will be sent out giving details of the new gateways.

Those users on other networks who use WISCVM as a gateway to BITNET
need to modify their mailer tables appropriately.

The code running in the gateway is fully compatible with the code
currently running at the WISCVM gateway. Any mail which worked at
the WISCVM gateway will work with the CUNYVM gateway.

If any problems are experienced, you may direct any discussion to

Note: The node CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU on the Internet is the same as
CUNYVM.BITNET. This node now has a direct connection to the

Ben Yalow
Director of Systems & Programming
City University of New York/University Computer Center

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