Fwd: NFS over arpanet?

Drew Daniel Perkins (ddp+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Mon, 30 Nov 87 23:49:44 -0500 (EST)

It has been joked about for a while now, but it had to happen sooner or


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Date: Fri, 13 Nov 87 15:28:12 PST
From: ho@tis-w.arpa (Hilarie K. Orman)
Subject: NFS over arpanet?

I would like to hear from anyone who has tried to use NFS between Arpanet
sites. I am advised that it would be painfully slow and awkward, but I
would like to try. However, I cannot get "mount" to complete between the
two test sites, so I cannot even begin to experience the pain. I have
been in daily communication with Sun Support for two weeks about the
following experiment between two arpanet machines:

Both sites have NFS mounts running on their LAN's, so we know that the
basic capability is there. The sites can rlogin to each, run FTP and
Telnet, so we know the arpanet connectivity and addressing are OK.
However, the command

        /etc/mount machine1:/glkspl /mnt

results in an RPC timeout message after 20 seconds. Using the options
"timeo=20000,rsize=512,wsize=512" doesn't alter anything at all, despite
what you might think from reading the documentation. I think these
options are only in effect after mount completes successfully, and the 20
second timeout is an unalterable parameter.

I cannot see any evidence that machine1 ever sees the mount request. Does
anyone know how to check this? Is rpcinfo definitive? Any help would be
appreciated. Also any interest other sites might have in this capability
should be expressed, since Sun's official opinion is "not supported".

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