FDDI interfaces and bridges

Gary Anido (munnari!otc!anido@uunet.uu.net)
26 Nov 87 22:44:40 GMT

We are interested in implementing an FDDI ring. The ring is intended
primarily as a research vehicle to which we would be looking to connect
Ethernet and Token-ring LANs. While I am aware that there is at least
one FDDI chipset available (from AMD according to the Sept 17 issue of
Electronic Design) I am unaware of any board-level implementations
and software. I would therefore be grateful if those with knowledge
of FDDI-Ethernet, FDDI-Token Ring etc, implementations and software
could share that information with me. This naturally includes anyone
who has actually designed an FDDI interface based on the AMD (or other?)
chipset. Replies should be sent to me, and I will summarise and
release to the net.

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