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24 Nov 87 21:05:11 GMT

OOPS, I made a typo in the previous message (and an important one)
please 'n' if you 'n'd the ARCnet discussion.

In article <In article <2756@drivax.UUCP> In article <2756@drivax.UUCP> socha@drivax.UUCP (Henri J. Socha (7-x6628)) writes:

> I know of users in the
> * Business industry (Datapoint customers like the local city government with
> all departments on an ARCnet of many nodes.)
  **** That was: The local city govt. uses a Datapoint ARCnet system
        and they are very happy with it (including the programmers) last time
        I talked with them.

> * The system is defined as 2.5MBaud but because it uses an isocronous(sp?)
> transmission scheme (resync on each character in a message) to send
> 8 data bits you must send 11 baud (3 sync bits preceed each data bit)
                                **** OOPS that's 3 re-sync bits per BYTE!
> therefore the effective data rate is about 1.8MegaBit per second.
                        (2.5 * 8/11)

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