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L. Stuart Vance (
25 Nov 87 03:39:00 CDT


I need to get ahold of some information, and this seems like the best place to
look for it. I'm looking for:

(1) TCP/IP software for PC's: I know of MICOM/Interlan, Excelan, FTP
    Software and WIN/PC, and have been in contact with each of them. I've
    heard tell of flavors from CMU, MIT (I believe FTP Software's is based on
    MIT's), Stanford, UMD, and even IBM. Are there any others to add to this
    list? Any good/bad points to watch for on any of them? What addresses/
    contacts should I use to get ahold of people at the universities about
    their software? Do any of the above have the capability to gateway IP
    packets from Tolkien ring to Easternet (external of something like
    Netware)? For that matter, do any of the above have Token ring drivers?

(2) TCP/IP software for PS/2's: Does it exist or does anyone make an Ethernet
    card for the PS/2 compatible with PC cards on the driver level? Anyone
    have any word yet on networking under OS/2?

(3) Does anyone know what (if any) PC Ethernet cards from different vendor are
    compatible with each other (eg, maybe NI5010 vs 3C501)?

Please respond personally, and I'll summarize to the list. To any and all,
thanks in advance for any information that I'm sure will save me hours of time
giving phone...

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