Tue, 24 Nov 87 14:54:24 EST

The National Science Foundation today announced a five-year, $14
million grant to MERIT, Inc., for the upgrading, operation and
management of the NSFNET transcontinental backbone network.
(MERIT currently operates the Merit Computer Network, Michigan's
statewide higher education network.)

In addition to the NSF support, the state of Michigan will
contribute $5 million to the effort, International Business
Machines Corp. will contribute hardware and software worth more
than $10 million, and MCI Communications Corp. will provide
communications lines and support services.

The agreement provides for communication on the backbone at 1.544
mb/s ("T1"), a Network Operations Center staffed around the
clock, and comprehensive information services, including an
Information Center and a Technical Support Staff.

NSF has agreements with other Federal agencies that operate networks
to support scientific research. The upgraded NSF backbone is expected
to play a major role in the emerging Interagency Research Internet.

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