Re: Connecting remote Ethernets?

Steve Feldman (oliveb!tymix!
23 Nov 87 23:17:50 GMT

I too would like information about connecting Ethernets. Specifically,
we have two buildings with Ethernets in our campus, with fiber optic
cables between the them. If we're lucky, we might get a dedicated
fiber pair, otherwise we should be able to get at least a 56Kb link.
(We're not allowed to run Ethernet or any other cables. We're stuck
with what they gave us.)

I believe I've read here that Cisco and Bridge make IP routers which
might do what I want. Please mail me any information you might have on
these and any other vendors. I'd also like to hear of experiences with
these routers, positive and negative.

Thanks for your time,
        Steve Feldman
        Tymnet McDonnell Douglas
        uucp: sun!oliveb!tymix!feldman

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