Re: Telephone Access Controllers (TACs) and SLIP...

William Westfield (BILLW@MATHOM.CISCO.COM)
Mon 23 Nov 87 16:21:36-PST

    Rather than having the dialled-into system pick an address for its
    caller, how about if the caller asks for a particular IP address and
    authenticates itself with, say, a password? That same calling host
    would always ask for the same address. The name-address association
    could be permanent, only the connections would be temporary.

This makes routing a big problem (although routing protocols are already
dynamic in nature, it isn't clear that they are \that/ dynamic, and are
quite likely to have problems with the huge number of routes that may
suddenly appear).

You would also then have the requirment that each and every PC have
its own (sub)net number, which results in quite an address assignment
problem if you have (as someone mentioned) 3000+ PCs.

A compromise might be to have each SLIP server serve a number of
IP addresses on a particular subnet, and then when a PC dials in,
it can pick its own address from that pool...

It is NOT clear to me that SLIP will primarilly be used by dialin users,
and for hardwired connections to PCs, things are a lot easier.

Bill Westfield
cisco Systems.

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