tn3270 and IBM's TCP/IP for VM/CMS

Richard Stevens (hsi!
20 Nov 87 22:33:44 GMT

We're a VAX 4.3 BSD site with an existing TCP/IP LAN between three
VAX'es and a bunch of PCs. We're about to get an IBM 9370 that will
run VM and are interested in IBM's TCP/IP for VM product. It looks
like we could use the 4.3 BSD tn3270 software for something like an
rlogin access to VM from a VAX, depending on the IBM software. The
tn3270 README file refers to it being originally developed at Univ. of
Wisconsin and IBM selling it to commercial sites, but reference is also
made to other, non-compatible TCP/IP implementations for IBM
mainframes. Does anyone know if the current IBM product (which has
been available only since July 87) is really compatible with tn3270 ??

The IBM Product Sheet that I have also refers to a C language interface
to allow program access directly to the TCP and UDP protocol boundary.
Does anyone have any experience with this ?? I'd assume a program
under VM using this could communicate with a program on the VAX that
was using a BSD socket ??

Finally, the Product Sheet lists the one-time license charges (from $4k
to $16k, depending on processor group) but then indicates that the
source code for this can be obtained for another $350. This low charge
makes me think the code was developed elsewhere.

        Richard Stevens
        Health Systems International, New Haven, CT
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