KA9Q NET.EXE software

Lyndon Nerenberg (pyramid!ncc!lyndon@lll-lcc.arpa)
22 Nov 87 01:15:24 GMT

There are a couple of sites that have the code available. Ours is
one of them. To retrieve the distribution, add one of the following
lines to your L.sys/Systems file:

ncc Any ACU 2400 14034250342 "" \r ogin:--ogin: nuucp
ncc Any ACU 1200 14034250342 "" BREAK ogin:-BREAK-ogin: nuucp

Next, say 'uucp ncc!~/pub/ka9q_all.tar.Z /usr/spool/uucppublic' and
wait for it to transfer.

*********** PLEASE NOTE ************

This is NOT the LATEST version of the code!!!! The version currently
on line is 870829.0. I should have the new version in a few days, so
you might want to hang off. I will post again in a few days when it's

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