Re: Networks & vendor upgrades/fixes

Charles Hedrick (
Sat, 21 Nov 87 23:44:55 EST

> Source Code: So that an organization can fix/improve the code
> themselves, or by a third party, and not have to depend on the original
> vendor. Does your recommendation change if software maintenance is in
> effect?

We have yet to see an organization that fixes things fast enough to
cope with our situation. When a problem shows up, it shows up in
spades. Like suddenly we are using the whole bandwidth of a T1 line
sending bogus name requests. Now and then we'll call an organization
and have them say "oh yes, we know about this. What is your UUCP
phone number?" But otherwise, it is "fixed in the next release" or
at best fixed in a few days. That are situations where we would have
to disable a crucial function during the interim. So I consider it
crucial to have source for as much as possible.

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