Re: Networks & vendor upgrades/fixes

H. Craig McKee (
Fri, 20 Nov 87 13:33:20 EST

In your note to you described the difficulty of
installing a new release and concluded with:

>All of which is why many organizations which are setting up large networks
>want homogenous hardware, rigid version control, and source code. Perhaps
>the manufacturers should put on their thinking caps...

I would like to understand the underlying rationale for your
recommendations concerning source code, rigid version control, and
homogenous hardware. I offer my speculations below and would like
you to confirm/revise.

Source Code: So that an organization can fix/improve the code
themselves, or by a third party, and not have to depend on the original
vendor. Does your recommendation change if software maintenance is in

Rigid Version Control: This has more to do with the organization's
network than with vendors. The organization doesn't want two different
versions of the same process to be in use.

Homogenous Hardware: This one troubles me - I would like to think that
through the use of standard protocols an organization could achieve
interoperability among different hardware suites. What is your view of
the matter?

Regards - Craig

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