Re: perpetual connection

Edward J Cetron (
Thu, 19 Nov 87 17:48:16 MST

        I just check out cisco box (utah-arpa-gw) and it had two idle
incoming sessions from showing idle for 3 days+ and
originating at hubcap. It appears like somebody is telnetting to our
gateway, and then into some other machine.... This may be because with
the egp/ggp problems, the can't reach the 128.110.xx.xx addresses any
other way.

        Given the load on our cisco, and assuming there is a legitimate
user at clemson trying to telnet into our 128.110 net, I would think that
a static route (oh how horrible :-) ) would be better then tying up band-
width in the gateway.

        Any comments from the net at large?

-ed cetron

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