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Richard Johnson (
Thu, 19 Nov 87 09:50:05 -0800

I got this from the little booklet that comes with our ST-500 transceivers
that we bought from Cabletron. (Cute, each one comes with a really complete
book telling all sorts of things about transceivers and such.)

We always make sure our transceiver cables have pin 1 connected to ground.
(Our Computing Facility used to connect pin 4 to ground to agree with 802.3
but then they couldn't be used on V2.0 so we always get pin 1 as ground now.)
We've used the same transceiver cables on V1.0, V2.0, and 802.3. We have
mixtures of all versions on the same ethernet with no problems although we're
now trying to always go with 802.3 in the future.

Hope all of this helps.

                V1.0 V2.0 IEEE 802.3
Transceiver (3) 22 AWG pairs (4) 20 AWG pairs (4) 20 AWG
cable (1) 20 AWG inner Inner & outer pairs
                & outer shield shield common Inner & outer
                common at at backshell shield isolated
                backshell and and pin 1 from each other
                pin 1 Outer shield at
                                                                inside at pin 4
                                                                Indented male
                                                                connector for

Transceiver Full step Half step Half step
                No heartbeat Heartbeat Heartbeat

  Grounding Pin 1 Pin 1 Pin 1, 4, 11 &
                                                                Ground indents
                                                                on male
                                                                Jabber latching

Repeater No requirements No requirements Redundant
                                                                using Jam
                                                                segment from

Vendors Xerox, U-B, DEC U-B, 3COM, DEC,
                Gould, Harrris, Cabletron HP, Xerox,
                Cabletron Micom-Interlan,

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